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The Music Department of National Tsing-Hua University has committed to excellence in the field of study in music with superior academics, cross-disciplinary research and active international academic exchange programs.

Located in the heart of downtown Hsin-Chu city, our department with 2793.7 square meters is equipped with a recital hall. There are also three more auditoriums in both main Tsing Hua and Nanda campuses.

We offer BM/MM programs and prepare musicians of the high caliber. In addition, we offer learning opportunities for students based in other programs. Our faculty members are leaders in their fields. They work regularly with students for competitions, performances, teaching projects and researches. Over the years the department has gone through a period of distinct growth, expanding student body, academic programs and faculty.

As a part of Tsing Hua University, the Music Department distinguishes it in a different way. All musical events will acts as a strong base for the school spirit. Our education not only provides students with skills and values, but also with discipline and commitment that are essential for today’s challenging world.
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